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Be one of the first 100 registrants and pay for 2 + 1 free attendee!

Early bird price until July 15

Preconference + conference:  300 EUR
Conference: 125 EUR

Regular price

Preconference + conference:  350 EUR
Conference: 150 EUR


Highlight on the Register for 2 + 1 for free promotion

A little bird has whispered in our ear that the guidelines regarding our “Register for 2 + 1 for free” offering are not 100% clear. That’s of course not our intention so here’s how it works.  Basically there are only two steps:

1. Register the first two attendees
2. Send an email to info [at]

The email should contain the same info as what needs to be filled out through the registration form.

As an additional rule, to avoid abuse, all three attendees should work for the same employer.

To ensure that we can verify your right for the free registration please clearly mention the names (incl. company name) of the first two persons that have been registered.

The free ticket will be delivered through email to the person for whom it’s been requested, similar to the regular registrations. This will happen once the invoice for the paying attendees has been settled.

Hopefully this clarifies the rules a bit? If something still isn’t clear feel free to send your inquiry to info [at]

See you soon!

The SQL Server Days team

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